Our Foundation

Touching our toes...

Reaching down to your feet, down to the earth to touch your toes is something you may have done often as a kid but how often to you do it now?  Adults can retreat from reaching for their toes because…I’m not flexible enough, I can’t touch the ground, my hamstrings are tight…!  Fair enough – but do your legs have to be straight when you touch your toes?

What would it look like if each day started with 5 minutes of stretching, warming the body, softening the creaks and kinks of the night’s sleep?

How would your body thank you?

Our feet carry us through life.  They root us on the ground we walk upon and they hold the weight of our staples – our bones, muscles, flesh, organs – in addition to our clothes, grocery bags, the little people we carry on our hips or in the belly, brief cases, back packs…and the list could continue.

Take a moment to connect with your feet.  Notice the pads of your feet settled on the ground.  Lift your toes and place them back down.  Engage your arches.  How much attention do you normally give to your feet?

I invite you to feel your feet in the motion of walking – the heel strike, rolling onto the ball of your foot, toes spreading wide – that moment of perfect balance ~ centered and rooted.

Perhaps it’s time to reach down to your toes, to get back to the foundation of your stance, your posture, the foundation that supports us everyday.

Start with the foundation ~


1 thought on “Our Foundation

  1. Another incredible gift to be discovered about the Mose – your writing!!
    Feeling so very inspired by your words – and the connection to body and presence that these musings invite…looking forward to hearing more!
    Mmmmwwwwwaaa !!!!

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