This is the greatest learning I took away from Journey Dance Teacher training experience.  There are so many countless interactions in our life that draw us out of our body, out of the moment, out of feeling and being.  To name a few – cell phones, computers, driving…day to day experiences.

Take a moment to reflect upon what daily interactions you have that pull you away from feeling the present moment in your body?

I knew I was disconnected when people kept asking me, what does your heart want to do?  I would immediately begin thinking about what my heart wanted instead of being attentive to how my body was speaking to me.  I always considered myself someone who was reasonably tapped into my feelings.  However, in my human experience, through heart-break, ongoing transition, asking life questions, decision making – the naratives in my mind led me in my day to day life and to be honest, fear has been a strong narrative! Transitioning back into the balance of body and mind brings back the flow of life.  It re-invites the energy of life to nourish me and therefore nourish my every interaction.


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