Journey Dancing in Boston

Namaskar ~

I just had an amazing opportunity to spend 5 days in Boston, MA doing a Journey Dance Teacher training with Toni Bergins –  It was quite a process of accessing the heart to make the decision to go.  The most intriguing dialog that came forth was the conversation I had with myself about not being able to spend money on this opportunity because it’s not “productive”!!  I find it fascinating that following my heart and trusting this essence was what the mind considered “unproductive”…an unraveling of external influences.

The dance evolved over the days with a group of inspiring movers and dancers, all there to engage in mind, body and spirit!  One of the greatest gifts was being witness to the evolution of dance – the evolution of people accepting their perfectly imperfect parts of spirit, being, body…and then moving into dance and celebration of what is!

When I decided to step into dance and take this workshop, I realize I had no idea of what I was getting into!  In making the decision, I decided to dance it out in my room and what came up was – take this leap into your essence, into what truly moves you and ride the wave, trust the wave.  When I got to Boston and engaged daily in the Journey Dance process, the light within began to trust in it’s potential and glow a bit brighter!

I want to share about a foundation that has moved me closer to movement and the experience of living in sound body and spirit.  If you love to move, dance, are inspired by music, people and expression – this would be a great fit.  The experience invigorates the senses and elates the spirit!  You can dance, play or  journey into process and depth – all the layers are possible allowing you to be exactly where you are in the moment.

Sharing Journey Dance with as many people possible is what I hope to manifest.  I plan to hold workshops within Ottawa and elsewhere…more to come on that.  For now, I continue to ride the wave and trust the flow of dance, trust the journey!

Much light to all my relations*


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