Project Air ~ Yoga Therapy in ACTION!

This not-for-profit NGO was brought to my attention last year.  The moment I learned about it, I was moved and committed to contributing to the cause.  Yoga with HIV positive women who are survivors of the Rwandan genocide!  ANNNNDD what makes it even more exciting is that the UN actually funds this Yoga Project!  The world is slowly changing one dream at a time!  It’s these programs and actions of hope that we need to gravitate the media towards, that we need to expand people’s heart’s with!

I was recently at the Yoga Conference in Toronto and many of the conversations were about yoga as spiritual activism – bold and beautiful!  The idea being – to be in service and create change within integrity from ones center.  It’s about changing lives through living in one’s on truth and divine light.  In translation – it’s about working for social justice and human rights as a Yogi.  Being honest – working for social justice can be both incredibly rewarding and exhausting, charged and defeating…it’s a massive system that needs to be cracked.  But if one can do this work from their center, from a place of peace and love within, if one can live that peace, be that love – then their service is that much more powerful and impactful!  And I leave you with that – because Project Air is about just that – transforming women’s lives through being in service, staying in ones center!

So – coming soon to this blog is a venture to engage people with this project and with a dream I have!  Please stay tuned and check out Project Air <;.

Much light and grace!


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