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This blog has been quiet for a long time and many tides have come and gone shape shifting the sandbanks of my life.  Choosing to move across our vast country invited a lot of movement onto the pathway and brought many changes!

The process of starting and attending graduate school in social work~international and community development – has led to many unexpected explorations, questions, friendships and adventures!  The present spring 2012 adventure involves blogging about an independent study course I have designed called: The relationship between Yoga, Mindfulness, and Community Development.

I am feeling excited about this course, filled with uncertainty about what may be discover or created and what the connections to social work may be revealed.  As always, I will explore the edges!

As I delve into different literature about mindfulness, community development, social justice, yoga therapy and philosophy, I intend to post my explorations, queries, questions and ideas – and I would LOVE any comments, discussion, questions or concerns from folks.  While reading and writing, I will be engaged in a parallel process of practice – deepening and learning from yoga and meditation – reflecting on the process.  I also hope to interview different practitioners of yoga, mindfulness and endogenous community development with the intention of posting the interviews on this blog – people such as Sri O.P. Tiwari, a Master of Hatha Yoga or Michael Bopp, Principal at the Four World’s Center for Development Learning.  An intended outcome of this independent study course is to create a program or workshop that could support those engaged in a community change process.  The hope is to engage people in an exercise of inquiry that not only engages people in a self reflective process, but in a journey of service within community, a process of reciprocity to strengthen and foster community participation!




1 thought on “re ~ imagine

  1. Great first post in connectiong to your independent study Nicki – and I loved reading the previous posts too. I hope your blog continues to connect your ‘doing’ and ‘being’ – the embodiment of practice and knowing – as you did in last year’s postings. It is easy to lose that when we get into academics, I know that from personal experience! Stay connected to your core, your values, your passion, your body and your breath. Stay connected to what’s true and congruent for you. I am excited for you, and can’t wait to see where you go on this journey.

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