antidote – antidote |ˈantiˌdōt|
noun: a medicine taken or given to counteract a particular poison.

“Love and listening are the antidotes to fear.” Michael Stone

How deeply do you listen…to your body, to your heart, to your mind and spirit?  In this age of extremes, within our industrial consumer culture, we function on a spectrum between hyperactivity and apathy – so how, when, where…did you learn to listen…to yourself?  Honestly. Listen.

Listening takes time, energy, discipline – it takes practice.  Often when we think of listening, we think of hearing someone or something else, an external sound, but how do you listen to yourself?  How do you speak to and engage with the internal being?  What can you observe?

I wonder about listening because while moving through a yoga practice or engaging with my breath…I am listening (between the moments of distraction!).  When I sit and settle into honesty, truly listen, I have witnessed a deeper understanding of fears evolve…and many of the fears come from stories I have created (untruths based in non-realities!).  Has this made me a better listener in my external interactions?  I am not certain, but I think there is a connection between our strength as a society to listen and the conflict experienced.  The ability for individuals or communities truly hear one another needs some practice and work.  I wonder what may occur if people in conflict were supported to truly listen to themselves…to engage with their body, mind and spirit and then invited to participate in dialog about the conflict.  Would they hear one another differently?  Within each conflict and tension, there is reason on both sides – perhaps both parties are yearning for peace, however approaching the situation with different contexts, needs and history – if this was heard and understood, what creative possibility may evolve?

Michael Stone says, “we need to leave behind the place where our ideas get in the way of seeing the complexity and interdependence of a given situation”.  At a time when we are so disconnected from our nature, humans need to rest into the discomfort of uncertainty and not oversimplify peace.   We must practice, embody, integrate and then walk our way of being into this reality.

How do you listen to yourself?

How do you listen to your loved ones?

How can your listening be expansive instead of contracting and limiting?

Create new possibilities.


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