The tension within coexistence…



That was the first word the stranger said to me, a provocative introduction between souls!  She sat down with me at the lunch table, stating the sticker on my laptop – and the synchronicity continued to reveal itself!

The night prior, her Tibetan Buddhist meditation group had focused on coexistence, an exploration of the concept – accordingly, the foundation of Buddhism is grounded upon the concept of “interdependent co-arising”. The conversation continued to expand into the nature of modern day society – the reorientation of ‘connection’ and isolation within this technological era.  This transitioned to discussing the possibility within shifting human consciousness, a revolution birthed out of an interdependent co-arising!

I wonder to myself, are we far from that arising?

What are the steps and possibilities within this?

Definition: peaceful coexistence

…without war, or a policy of peace between nations of widely differing political systems and ideologies.

Is coexistence simply to accept one another and tolerate living in harmony?

I’ve heard peace defined simply as ‘the space that exists between war’! However, often within a yoga practice, the mantra Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti will be heard. Om is considered an essence, a vibration of the universe with no direct translation and shanti, directly translated to mean peace.  However, we don’t call out Om Peace, Peace, Peace – because shanti is also considered a vibration within a mantra that calms and removes the obstacles of physical, divine and internal nature.

So what is the vibration possible within coexistence?

Could coexistence be more than the definition offered above?…consider the unity of opposites, the balance found within healthy tension, the interdependence required within an organic system – we have a responsibility to the planet to transition and transform habits of tolerance, of power over, and the beliefs of individual freedom.

If resistance to any entities that make up a system is present – on a cellular, individual, community, national level – interdependence is forfeited.  Granted, change is constant and ongoing, a constant tension is an integral component of coexistence.

So practically speaking…

On a global scale – coexistence with the planet has been and is still present within some societies (slowly coming closer to extinction!) however, with an overarching system that fundamentally believes in individual freedoms, separating the parts…the change and transition begins within a person.

What does coexistence look like in practice?

Are the terms coexistence and unity closely related – could coexistence be the space between our inhale and exhale, the tension in relationship between our breath, body. and spirit?

Perhaps the ‘vibration’ within coexistence is the tension present amongst the interdependent relationships within a dynamic planet.

Keep exploring the possibilities!


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