A bit about me…

I believe life generates stories created within moments and movement – and for me yoga supports the deepest integration of these stories.  The practice attests to the saying “traveling without moving” through one’s journey on the mat.  However, if truly living yoga – the practice involves bringing it off the mat and walking in close synchronicity with life.

Born and raised in South Africa, I moved to Canada with family at a young age.  I struggled with identity and forming relationships to my surroundings within the transition.  It was not until I spent a lengthily period of time living close to nature, that grounding and reconnection with myself was resolved.  The next layer of resolution and healing came through relationship with yoga.

Through my years of learning and play, travel and work ~ yoga and the Earth continue to be my greatest Teachers.  The lessons come in unexpected moments of surrender, of consciousness, of movement stirring another opening, another sensation…

It has been a journey and practice of work and play, challenge and ease, commitment and surrender…learning to surf the wave of life and taking a face plant every so often!  The intention behind this Blog is to not only explore the richness and complexity available within movement, the shifting of layers possible, the healing and conscious connection available, but also to explore the social fabric and constructs that may inform or manipulate a path of living yoga.

I hope this Living Yoga Blog inspires you to move, dance and play while remaining curious…

We don’t know, what wheart balancee don’t know!

I hope this inspire possibilities.

I hope this inspires self and collective inquiry.

I hope this supports a shift of consciousness that aims to unite movement and mindfulness with connection to the Earth – to foster relationship between people and the planet…relations of reciprocity, compassion and resilience.



13 thoughts on “A bit about me…

  1. I love you Mose! I look forward to reading your inspiring and heart-provoking musings – they always serve to remind me of the lessons that I am continually learning as well. Back to the heart, back to the essence, let go of the stories!

    Big love to you.

  2. Congrats on the site! As a fellow tree hugging, nature embracing, psuedo-hippie I can’t wait to be part of this webmunity – best of luck!

  3. Hey Nicki

    Good to see you are following your path from your heart. Many blessings on this journey. It is important and so fulfilling to walk with your Vision. Health and Happiness as this all transpires.

    In Light


  4. mose! congrats on getting your blog up and running! i am enjoying reading your entries and following your journey through your thoughts, words and reflections. keep shining sistah! wilson xo

  5. Nikki:)
    It’s so nice to find you. I loved dancing with you. You free spirit is inspiring, powerful and gracious. Light and Love Jodi…. Journeydance teacher training 3/2011…. Who new Canada was soooo cool 😛

  6. Hi Nicki!

    So, apparently WordPress has awards. I thought they were silly at first but then I netted out that these awards are a nice way to connect to other bloggers/readers. I nominated you for the Liebster Award–I think your writing is great and I like the idea of using these “awards” to expand the reach of awesome blogs to create even more discourse

    To view the award and the rules for accepting your nomination, please visit the nomination post– http://acornbends.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/creating-community-via-wordpress/

    • Hi there!

      This is a great idea and thank you for the nomination – however the link you posted was a ‘not found page’. Hopefully we can connect further about this.

      All the best!

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