Good Reads

This is an article published in the Elephant Journal You Can’t Touch This: An Interview with Trauma Healing Rebel Sue Jones.  It is an interview with Sue Jones, the founder of yogaHOPE in Boston, MA about her journey with yoga, trauma and supporting women through recovery.  My heart was ignited after reading the article because it demonstrated the possibilities still to be explored and expanded upon within the world of yoga.  As Sue Jones states,

“I feel like we’re right on the cusp of a pretty big shift in mental health services, recovery fields and many kinds of healing and treatment modalities. The shift is occurring because there are so many people who are beginning to practice yoga, and the numbers are increasing each year. We’re going to reach a critical mass as these yoga practitioners who are also social workers, therapists, and people who work with healing populations or at-risk populations, will personally experience how yoga creates shifts in the way they see themselves and how they interact with the world.”

If you are interested in supporting those recover from trauma through a mindful practice – this is a good and quick read…and may even inspire some ideas!

Read on!

And PS – the Elephant Journal is a great blog with some unique postings about yoga…and life!


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